On the Edge of 17

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Art by Amanda W. Crews,  Inspired by Stevie Nicks and  Fleetwood Mac

In 1977, artist Amanda W. Crews was listening to the timeless music of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", and drawing, painting and writing with much inspiration from Stevie Nicks. Here, in this special presentation page, are a few of her pen & ink drawings from the time of the Rumours Tour, when she was on the "edge of seventeen". These pieces are signed with her maiden name, Amanda L. Walters.


The Chain


Go Your Own Way

Gold Dust Woman

Notice to Our Visitors ~

We are working to once again produce these classic designs on note cards and prints for sale. A click on each design will take you to our old site at Tripod, where we hope to eventually show the items available for sale.

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All honours and apologies to
Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac
and to the numerous unnamed but extremely talented photographers
who brought these faces to me.